Get Your Apartment Ready for Spring With These 3 Design Ideas

Ideas to Adopt for Your Apartment That Will Make You Happier

Spring is the season when the whole world seems to be reborn, meaning that you need to get into the action by giving your apartment a spring makeover. Please use these spring decorating ideas to get your apartment ready for the season: If you have drab and dull furniture, then you can solve the problem […]

5 Design Ideas to Make Your Apartment’s Kitchen Look Bigger

Kitchen Organization

Apartment living in Hayward is a great time to experiment with your decorating talents. Five design ideas to make your kitchen look bigger are a perfect place to start. Add an island. If your kitchen is an L-shape add in a island to get extra storage and space. It’s also a nice place for people to […]

Relax After Work in Our Community Sauna

Swimming Pool

After a long day, the perfect way to work out the day’s stress is with a sauna. For people living in apartments in Hayward with community saunas this is easy to do. Saunas are usually associated with cold, wintery climates, but their benefits can be experienced in any climate. The key to the health benefits […]

Create a Relaxing Area in Your Apartment With These 4 Design Ideas

Find Furnishings and Home Decor at Brother's Furniture

After a long day or week of classes, it’s wonderful to come home and relax before hitting the books again. If your apartment doesn’t yet have a designated spot for you to unwind, you can easily create one. Use the following design tips to make apartment living in Hayward a relaxing experience: Choose the perfect […]

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Why You Should Consider a Townhome


Do you plan on renting alone or living with a friend? Perhaps you are a student or single parent looking for a place to call “home”? Whatever your circumstances, townhome living is definitely worth thinking about. Offering a higher level of privacy than a condo, a townhome will share walls with other homes, meaning you […]

BBQ Recipes to try at your Apartment’s Grilling Area


Grilling is a healthier alternative to frying, so why not make use of outdoor apartment amenities this summer and whip up a feast for the neighbors? When you fire up the grill, you can expect vegetables to retain more minerals and vitamins, and meats to retain essential vitamins, like riboflavin and thiamine. Don’t worry about […]

Should You get a Studio or Loft Apartment?

apartment loft

First time apartment renters often deliberate between signing the lease for a studio or loft apartment. Smaller alternatives to one, two or three-bedroom homes, these rental spaces tend to be affordable and have an airy feel. Modern alternatives to a typical property, studios and lofts are budget-friendly. If you’re having trouble choosing between the two, read […]

Integrate Chalkboard Paint into Your Apartment Decor

chalkboard paint

Do you want to give your kitchen that rustic farmhouse feel? If so, use our apartment design ideas to your advantage! There’s no need to hire professional decorators to get the job done, because you can pick up essentials from nearby stores. Should you want to display your shopping list, meal plan for the week […]

DIY Projects to Upgrade your Apartment Living Room


Did you know that making things by hand is actually good for you? Getting creative has its benefits because not only does it give you an opportunity to use your brain and hands, it allows you to relax and unearth your inner talent. If you have some time to spare and want to personalize the living […]