Celebrate Mother’s Day With These 4 Gift Ideas

Three-Wick Candle

There usually comes a time in the lives of most of us where we often feel like we didn’t spend enough time with our parents and make sure they knew well just how much we love and appreciate them. You can let mom know how much you love her with some great Mother’s Day gift […]


Make Your Old Furniture Work in Your New Durham Apartment

Old Furniture Uses

If you’ve recently moved in to our luxurious Hayward apartments and you are still trying to decide whether to hang on to your old furniture or toss it all out and start fresh with all new furnishings, don’t head for the curb with those old items just yet. There are a few ways you can […]


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco

Mission Heights

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner.  Some people believe that it is the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, but that is not true.  Mexico’s Independence Day is in September.  Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Latin culture. The San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival is a great way to celebrate Cinco de […]


Maximize the Natural Light in Your Hayward Apartment

Mission Heights

Maximizing your natural light will not only brighten up your space, it will improve your overall mood as well. You can maximize light by checking out the following tips for improving your apartment living Hayward apartments. Clean Your Products: If you want to get the most of your windows, lightbulbs and light fixtures, be sure to keep […]


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Bring the Summer Style to Your Apartment With These Decorating Tips


It’s summertime, and the living is easy. It’s also not at all difficult to give your apartment a summer makeover. Update your interior design along with the seasons with these smooth summer decorating tips. A new area floor covering is a quick way to make a big design statement. You could choose a rug with […]


5 Great Ideas for Quick and Easy Picnics Outside Your Apartment


Picnic weather is here again! Time to break out the picnic basket, grab a bottle of your favorite beverage, and head to the park. You’ll probably want something to munch on while enjoying the fresh air and flowers, so here are some picnic recipe ideas. Tomatoes and peaches might sound like an odd couple, but […]


Cleaning on the Clock: How to Clean Your Bedroom in 30 Minutes or Less


A fresh, clean bedroom will help you rest better, in more ways than one. This room often gets ignored for other rooms that tend to show neglect more obviously. You can spiff up a bedroom in less time than it takes to watch a TV sitcom. Here are some 30-minute bedroom cleaning tips. It’s all […]


Safely Clean Your Hardwoods and Avoid These 5 Cleaning Solutions


Hardwood floors are a sought after feature for many apartment hunters. However, some apartment dwellers over-think the cleaning process. Hardwoods are simple to care for, yet there are certain things you should not do. Here are some tips on how to clean hardwood floors the right way. Skip vinegar cleaning solutions. While vinegar is a wonder […]


3 Places in Your Apartment That Allergens May Be Hiding


For many of us, allergy season lasts for 12 months at a time. While pollen and outdoor allergens can be the culprits, those irritants could also be lurking in your apartment. Here are a few hidden allergens in your apartment to be on the lookout for. Check your houseplants. It’s likely not the foliage but […]