3 Smart Tips for People Who Move Often

Tips for Moving Frequently

As a college student, moving is as much as part of your life as exams. Moving constantly can be stressful and time consuming. When you need to focus on other things, the last thing you want to worry about is an upcoming move. Here are some tips for moving for frequent movers. Be honest about what you […]


Find Fresh and Local Food at The Hayward Farmers Market

Hayward Farmers Market

These days, when it comes to food it is all about fresh and local. There are some areas where fresh, local foods, or even a decent selection of produce are difficult to come by. Fortunately for residents of our Mission Heights apartment community Hayward is not one of those areas, thanks to a variety of […]


The Private Balconies in Our Apartments Have Great Outdoor Space

Mission Heights Apartments

There are a lot of Hayward apartments for rent, but finding one with all of the amenities that you’re looking for isn’t always so easy. If you love spending time outdoors, even if that’s just a handful of minutes each day, you’ll love our private balconies. In fact, there are a variety of things you […]


Enjoy the 15th Annual Laurel Street Fair 2014

Laurel Street Fair

There are plenty of fun Hayward summer events to check out. The area has a lot to offer, with attractions that will delight people young and old. One of them is the Laurel Street Fair. This is one of the best events around. It is highly rated and really brings the community together. This is […]


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Looking to Have an Easier Move?


Are you moving into a new apartment soon? Summer is a popular season for moving and with the following tips for transporting your belongings, you will be unpacking in your brand new apartment in no time at all: If you are not certain about friends and family help, consider hiring a professional moving company to help. Some apartments […]


Make New Furniture Look Antique With These Tips


You can make a piece of wooden furniture chic and hip by aging its look. Distressed furniture is in style. There is a noticeable difference between a nicely re-worked object and one that’s come straight from the junkyard. It takes some know-how to turn out a properly distressed piece. Here are some tips on how […]


Save Time and Money With These Back-To-School Shopping Tips


It seems like summer just began, but the kids will be headed back to school in no time. Plan ahead by beginning your school shopping now, before the lines get any longer. These back to school tips will save you time and money while shopping: Obtain the teacher’s list of school supplies, and stick to […]


You Don’t Have to Go Far For the Perfect Picnic This Summer


You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a delightful picnic! Does your apartment have a courtyard, or outdoor common area? Do you live near a park? Anyplace that you can unfurl a blanket is a prime picnic spot. Here are some perfect picnic tips to make your outing a blast: Pack ready to eat items. […]


Ideas to Make a Room in Your Apartment Into a Study Area


Are there students living in your apartment? Maybe your children are school age, or perhaps you’ve gone back to school. Students of all ages benefit from having a dedicated study space. Especially if you’re just moving into an apartment, consider these ideas for making a study area in your home. Look for multi-use furniture. There are, […]