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Mission Heights Apartments

Our one, two, and three bedroom apartments for rent in Hayward are an excellent place for single professionals, couples, and families.  We have plenty of fantastic interior features in our apartments that you’ll absolutely love, and great community amenities that you’ll soon feel like you can’t live without! Our apartments feature kitchens with spacious pantries, […]

Try All the Best Craft Beers at Stein’s Beer Garden and Restaurant in Mountain View

Try All the Best Craft Beers at Stein's Beer Garden and Restaurant in Mountain View

It’s rare when you can find a new apartment that is in a great area bustling with things to do, that is close to the city and has the amenities that transform a community into “home” but our beautiful Mission Heights apartment community has it all.  We have views of San Francisco Bay and an abundance […]

5 Wine Pairing Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

Wine Pairing Ideas for Your Valentine's Day Dinner

When the holiday for romance is here, celebrate with an amazing meal and wine. It pleases the palate and delights the senses to set the mood. If you are curious about wine pairing ideas for your Valentine’s Day, a few ideas can help. You can find the ideal bottle to go with your dinner. If you […]

Great Beer and Food Awaits You at Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

Great Beer and Food Awaits You at Buffalo Bill's Brewery

On the hunt for the best bars and restaurants in Hayward CA?  Look no further – Buffalo Bill’s Brewery has just about everything you could possibly want when it comes to great beer and great food. When it comes to food, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery has almost everything.  From salads to grilled sandwiches to burgers to […]

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Invigorate an apartment with these art display trends

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If you are looking for innovative ways to go about displaying art in your apartment, this year is shaping up to be the year of style and pizzazz! With these  three simple decorating tips, you can transform and invigorate any room by jazzing up the blank walls in your apartment. Line up at the top. A […]

Double-duty uses for common household items

Source: Pixabay

Living in an apartment sometimes means looking for ways to save both space and money. One way to do this is to find double-duty uses for common household items. The following apartment living ideas from Apartment Allure should help you figure out what items can be used for several purposes. Garment Bag: Use a garment […]

2015 is the year to organize your apartment

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People who find it hard to resist a bargain usually wind up with lots of items in their household that they don’t necessarily need. Clutter can occur as a result of hoarding, too, so if you are a bargain hunter or a clutter bug, it’s worth using our apartment organization tips. There are a number […]

Uplift an apartment with all-natural air fresheners

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With so many different home fragrances to choose from, how do you know what the best one is? Most home air-fresheners have artificial fragrances that are not only harmful to breath in, but they’re expensive too. In lieu of this products, utilize these apartment living tips to can make your own air-freshener and never use a store brand one again. Did you […]

5 Simple ways to make a small kitchen appear large

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Anyone who spends a lot of time in their kitchen may agree that the next best thing to having an abundance of space is the illusion of having it. With that said, these people often seek out apartment kitchen design ideas that create a space that feels less confined and allows them to hone their […]