The Elevator in Our Apartments Makes Moving In Easy

Elevator for an Easy Move

Moving to a new city or new apartment block can be quite stressful, even if you’re moving into one of our affordable Hayward apartments for rent.  Luckily, you’ll find it quite easy to make new friends, since we have plenty of amenities, including a clubhouse that will get you out of your apartment and meeting […]


Outdoor Activities to Try in Hayward During the Fall

Things to do Outdoors this Fall

Fall is just around the corner and many residents at Mission Heights are starting to plan what they’re going to do when the weather turns cold. There are still plenty of amenities that you can use in the fall at the complex, including the community clubhouse where you can meet your neighbors and make new […]


5 Tips for Riding a Bike in the Bay Area

Tips for Biking

Our private balconies come with plentiful outdoor space, but there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Biking is an excellent method for both seeing the sights and exercising on a regular basis. Better still, it is also perfect for short-distance commutes either in the morning or in the afternoon. Please put […]


3 Small Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Home Life

Creating a more satisfying home life

Making a series of tiny efforts everyday can make a significant difference in your home life. You can really benefit by taking advantage of apartment living tips to help you create a better life for yourself. Here are 3 small daily habits that will improve your home life. Life can be stressful. Don’t close up […]


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3 Ways to Add Space to Your Small Apartment Kitchen


If you’ve become well accustomed to small apartment living over the years, then one thing that you know is true is that everyone tends to gravitate to the kitchen, regardless of its size. There are actually several ways that you can help to make your small kitchen look and feel larger, and here are a feel […]


The 10 Dos of Online Furniture Shopping


Have you ever been skeptical about online furniture shopping? Check out this list of 10 dos for buying furniture online to help ease your mind: Make yourself familiar with the furniture company. How long have they been in business and what type of guarantees do they offer? Read up on customer reviews. Are customers happy with the […]


Bringing in the Fall: Great Ways to Decorate Using Fall Leaves


Aside from the cooler temperatures and the tailgate parties, one thing that we love about fall is how affordable it can be to decorate your apartment for the season. Forget running out to the store to pick up festive decor for your next party. Instead, look to the outdoors and make use of all of […]


Freshening Up: Tips for Rearranging Your Apartment Furniture


You don’t always need to run out to the furniture store to give your apartment a fresh new look. Sometimes simply rearranging furniture can give the space an entirely new feel. Try out some of these ideas for rearranging furniture to freshen up your apartment: Skip the planning. From others’ personal experience, designing a new layout for […]


Keep Your New Apartment From Sapping Your Wallet This Fall


For many of us apartment dwellers, living on a budget is an everyday reality. And, unfortunately, with the change in seasons, there can be some additional expenses associated with maintaining a comfortable environment inside your apartment. Here are some apartment living ideas to help you cut down on energy consumption in your apartment, which will help you to save […]