Warm Up With a Cup of Coffee at Eon Coffee in Hayward

Hands Of Waiter Serving A Cup Of Cappucino

Mission Heights Apartments offer residents community amenities like a sauna, an elevator and a clubhouse. Should you want to have a cup of coffee in Hayward, check out Eon Coffee. The coffee shop is located on Hesperian Boulevard and offers high quality coffee varieties, health drinks, a light lunch menu and special sweets. The coffee […]

How to Plan a Spending Free Weekend at Our Apartment

Teenagers holding TV remote

Life can be expensive. Planning a weekend at home enjoying your Hayward apartment is a great way to save a few bucks. You can still have a lot of fun without making a dent in your wallet. Planning a spending free weekend is easy. First, decide on your money-free rules. You don’t have to go extreme by […]

Create More Storage in Your Apartment’s Kitchen With These 3 Tips

Couple In Kitchen

When it comes to our homes, staying tidy and having space can save a lot of stress! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by unsorted items and piles of stuff to go through, especially with the holiday season fast approaching! Stay prepared for any family gathering or party this year with a neat and chic home! […]

How to Stay in Shape This Holiday Season

Woman Holding Pink Dumbbells In Her Outstretched Arms

Every year during the holiday season our residents at Mission Heights love to celebrate with family and friends. It is always a time filled with rich, delicious meals of turkey, potatoes, gravy and homemade sweet treats and desserts. Not to mention the many cheers of egg nog, champagne and sparkling wines to add to the […]

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New Filing Solutions for Your Home Office


Staying organized is a key component of increasing your productivity. For many of us, this can be a challenge, especially in our own homes where we can sometimes let things pile up. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in your home office. Your home office takes up quite a bit of space, and when it […]

How Many Mistakes Do You Make When Cleaning Your Apartment?


By this point in your life, cleaning should be easy, but there are some mistakes that many people often still make. Take a look at some of these great apartment cleaning tips that will make your apartment cleaning much easier. One common mistake to avoid in your apartment is using one cleaning product for every task. Only use disinfectants for disinfecting, not […]

Budget-Friendly Ways to Outfit an Apartment


Just like you will want to dress yourself well before heading out of the house, you ought to embellish your apartment to prepare for visits from  house guests, be it family, friends or coworkers. Creating a cozy ambiance and putting your own stamp on the space is simple when you use a few simple apartment decorating tips. […]

Begin 2015 With These New DIY Projects in Your Home


Do you enjoy getting into hands-on activities? If so, start your apartment living experience with DIY projects. Not only could a spot of do-it-yourself help you save money on what could otherwise be expensive household objects, but it can also stimulate creative thinking and save you from hiring a handyman. Here are some recommended DIY […]

Empty Room in Your Apartment? This Is What You Can Do With It

Source: freedigitalphotos.net

If you have too much space, then consider yourself among the lucky few! Seriously though, there are times when you have an empty bedroom and you need to break out the apartment decorating ideas. Here are a few things you can do with your empty room to make the space into a useful place! Crafty: […]